Monday, 22 December 2008

Dentist, Part 1

Yesterday, during the beautiful outdoors day, my tooth broke. It had a filling earlier and I think the filling simply cracked.

Today is Monday so I looked for dentists online. There is one with the same name as my doctor in Sarajevo. Decided to go there and check if I can claim their charges with my medical insurance.

Since they were booked, I got an appointment for tomorrow.

Since there is not much left of the tooth, I think a ceramic crown would be the best solution. My Aussie friends tell me that such a treatment can easily amount to thousands of dollars over here. I'll have to see about that tomorrow as I'd prefer to do the whole thing back in Sarajevo during the holidays. I might just do a filling to keep the tooth safe for the next month. And I guess the cost for the filling here and the whole crown treatment in Bosnia would cost about the same. Still need a dentist opinion first.

Fortunately, the tooth does not ache but certainly does look bad.

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