Monday, 22 December 2008

Finally, a real Australian experience

After a great barbecue on Saturday and some Wii matches, the plan for Sunday was to go to Torque and have a barbecue there, spend a day driving to and at the beach.

Since all the interested got up late, we changed the plan. Got some food and drinks and headed off South along the coast. The scenery was so beautiful that we had to stop a few times to take photos. We drove through Frankston and across Mt.Eliza to a beautiful town of Portsea. There we spotted a great barbecue place and decided to drop an anchor for the day. The place was excellent. The car was parked in the palm shade. A few meters further there were several tables under a roof, providing shade from the strong Sun's rays. Electric barbecues operate on 20 Cents coins. The barbecue place is located at a grass strip with some trees around, providing natural shade. Then there was a walking path and a beach. Water is crystal clear there at Mornington Peninsula. Close by was a wooden pier, stretching some 60-70 meters into the ocean. At the very end of the pier some kind were jumping into the water. And, after a jump when they get up, they could walk on the sea bottom. That's how shallow the water is at such a distance. The scenery was beautiful.

We spent the whole day there. Met some nice Armenians who were having a barbecue next to us. They offered us some great meat, then we bought them some drinks, then they gave us some more meat and on and on it went. :) Great company, great day. This was, finally, some real Australian experience.

Photos to follow soon...

Edit: I figured out we were in Dromana, not Portsea. Mmm, it's so good just wandering around and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

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