Saturday, 27 September 2008

Plans for Sunday

Mmm, Sunday is tomorrow and I'm looking at the map. Where could I go this weekend? The interesting areas are green on the map. :) I believe the choice this time will be Belgrave line. The one that goes as far east as the trains go. The final station is at the foot of Mt.Dandenong. Right across the road is the Puffing Billy train station. I'd very much like to get a ride on that train. It was recommended to me long time ago, on one of the first weekends I've had a bicycle in Australia. But, because of the rail works on the line, I couldn't get there that very weekend.
So, the forecast is about 20 degrees during the day and sunny. Sounds perfect for a ride.

Footy finals are on. Actually, just finishing. It seems I'll have to go through a sea of footy fans on my way home. :S

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