Sunday, 21 September 2008


Today I went to see the location of Computershare. It is only about 15 minutes on a bicycle or 5 minutes on a train with 10 minutes walk from the station. I thought it would be more but looking at the satellite images leaves a wrong impression, as usual.
Then I went to Hurstbridge. This was my first experience of an Australian outback. That was the feeling I had when I got there. Countryside, a small town, lots of forests, farms, horses, open roads. Saw a lot of people on motorcycles. I think the road goes into the mountains from here so it must be a beautiful place for rides. I cycled through some wonderful areas. There are wide streets and bicycle paths all the way back to the city and I followed most of them. If (or when) I go the next time it will be much easier to find them.
I was impressed by Eltham and the surroundings. No doubt one of the nicest areas in and around Melbourne. I'm more and more convinced that I could live completely on the Hurstbridge train line. :) Work, home, friends, leisure-time areas, they are all on this line. Guess I'm more of an in-land type than the beach type. Seeing the ocean is good once every couple of months but I start to really miss the rivers, greenery, trees, and hills if I don't see them at least once in two weeks. Even going to the city is quite enough once every couple of weeks or once a month.
I cycled on a great path next to Watsonia barracks. That's my potential unit location. Looks great. Surrounded by trees and close to Yarra river. The scenery is beautiful. If there was no antennas I'd never thought it wasn't a farm or a ranch. :)
This day was a great one. I spend around five hours riding around. The Hurstbridge train station is 36.7 km away from Flinders Street station. That is closer to the city than Frankston yet the feeling in quite different. Hurstbridge seems much more different to urban areas. Maybe it's because of the hilly terrain as opposed to Frankston, which is on the ocean shore.
I think I should go to the western suburbs the next weekend. And, then, to the mountains at the East. That would mean I travelled all the train lines across the Melbourne metropolitan area. Wow, would that be the time to go somewhere else, then?

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