Sunday, 28 September 2008


Went to Belgrave today. The day was beautiful. 20 Degrees temperature. The train ride takes an hour from the city. Puffing Billy station is right next to the Met station. The rail actually continues, which is really amazing to see.
The real ride starts at 11:30 and is worth visiting. Only that ride goes all the way. The other rides go only half way and miss all of the wooden bridges that are located at the second half of the rail.
The full ride takes 2 hours each way. I expect to go for this ride one of the next weekends.

I visited Dandenong Ranges National Park and walked through some tracks there. The scenery reminded me of home and the mountains I used to walk through. Except I didn't push my bicycle at the same time. :)
The day was great. My legs are shaking and I felt so sleepy that I look forward to enjoying an afternoon nap.

Apart from that, the good news awaits at home. The US bailout plan has been agreed upon and set to President Bush for signature. The markets are to shoot up tomorrow. More on that at the Finance Blog and other news at my regular blog.

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