Friday, 16 May 2008

Trading/Investing (Forex CFDs & Co.)

Yesterday I got my hands onto some ForEx CFD trading. The most volatile, largest volume market in the world. I was looking at some theory behind it, technical analysis, trends, analysis, etc. Still, I lost my initial deposit, which confirmed it was not much better than gambling. That totally turns me off. (Makes me wonder what am I doing in a company whose main purpose is that, but that's another issue)
Still, nice too see all those opportunities here in Australia. Being a part of developed world and all that crap. I'm attending some seminars these days. It's fun to see people who are so eager about getting rich, earning 500% return on their investments, etc. On the other hand, professional traders look pretty much like heroin addicts. Enough said.
On Monday, there is a workshop to be held by Dr. Burton Malkiel. At university I attended a class where we used one of his well known books (Random Walk down Wall Street). This is such an impressive happening for me. It will be held in Grand Hyatt.
Well, it certainly raises the image of Vanguard in my eyes. They are, so far, the best investment option. That was easy to guess in theory and I'm glad that it has been confirmed in practice. All the other financial institutions live off the trades by incurring various costs which often eat away anything one might earn.

This has been my recent interest as the colder days are coming. Also, I'm chasing the recruiters. Hopefully something will happen soon as I'm running out of things to do for now.
And I'm missing more frequent contacts with all the people I know, riding a motorcycle through valleys, do something important for the community, being closer to someone who loves me...
Nice to see that someone is actually reading this blog. :)

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