Monday, 26 May 2008

My First Successful Trade

I'm back to trading. Trying to get a feel for shares and indexes as these are much slower and less volatile than forex. I'm researching some top shares and watching the indicators.
Today I placed one planned trade and one that was not planned but an opportunity showed up and I went in. These are minimal amounts I'm talking about but the feeling must be very similar to what other traders experience trading millions.
It is true that education is the key. The other thing is information. Limiting my scope to only the ASX 20 list and the index should give me enough items to trade with initially.
Changed my account to Standard so that I can place trailing stops. It is much fun getting into it. Looking forward to placing short positions. That will require some more time. I'm currently watching the indicators that show when to enter and exit the long position. At least I hope I got the vocabulary right. :)
Signed in to the Risk Management seminar on Wednesday. It is one of the things to embed deep into the mind.
I reckon I'm still far from normal trading but I'm happy with the way it goes at the moment. Now I'm starting to understand all the things people said earlier in all those seminars and presentations. :)

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