Saturday, 24 May 2008


I've really enjoyed cycling today. First, I got a nice wind/rain jacket at Kathmandu. Then I went towards Kensington. Wanted to see the area I analyzed in detail while we were looking for apartment last September. Passed through Parkland and then South, near the Observation Wheel into Docklands. Observation Wheel works are nearing completion. It will be amazing to go for a ride when it's finished.
The new Docklands has an appeal that dragged me to go through it. It looks just like a picture, someone's drawing. There is a small ice-skating ring under a tent. :) The whole area is wonderful. Too bad I did not bring a camera.
Though, I'm not sure I'd want to live there. It's too fancy and no green (park) areas around. I'm starting to miss the proximity to nature and mountains of Sarajevo. In 15 minutes of driving or riding I could be in the woods where people rarely go to. Ancient pines and fresh air, and silence.
I love these bicycle tracks. They are well designed so they don't intersect with roads and are a pleasure to ride on. Very nice experience today. It was sunny, 16 degrees, quite pleasant. Finally some relaxation.

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