Friday, 3 June 2011

A time of significant events

Some say there is no coincidence. Well, whatever it is, then, this current period is marked by significant events in the lives of my friends in Australia and myself. Some of my friends are coming back from a period of living abroad. Some are getting married just this next week. Some are expecting a baby any day now.

For me, though, it is time to also step into a new phase, new territory, and new experiences. I have just received an invitation to join a team of developers in Europe, working for a large international organization. At many levels, this has a huge impact for me. It looks as if, by being engaged with them, I would be fullfilled at so many different levels. Active contribution to a better world, promotion of human rights and a world of freedom and justice, living at the heart of Europe among many medieval castles and palaces, and working at the cutting edge technologies, developing software, is simply too close to my dreams that I'm still having troubles comprehending that this is actually real. I am still scared that I will soon wake up to the sound of the clock and, instead of completing this post and celebrating within, will have to get up to a cold morning and get ready for work wondering where did that beautiful dream go. :)

Now it is, again, time to contemplate another move between continents, between different halves of the planet. Different climates, cultures, languages. Just starting to think about it makes me so excited that I can't wait to book the ticket and start packing. 

There is still more paperwork to be completed before I get further news. In the meantime, here is a photo of my new destination:


  1. Hi Alen - congrats - so happy for you! Marie

  2. Thank you very much, Marie! Hope I get to see all three of you before I depart. Some of you again and some for the first time. :)