Sunday, 26 June 2011

Rhinoceros in Werribee Zoo

Today I've paid a visit to a beautiful environment in Werribee. With a couple of friends I went to see the Werribee Open Range Zoo and the mansion with a beautiful park and rose garden nearby.

The touching story from the Zoo was about the aplha rhinoceros. Driving in the bus, doing the safari around the open ranges, looking at the wild African animals in their natural habitat, we came to a huge Rhinoceros who lives alone. The driver told us a story about the bloke. He is so big, tall and strong. Has a huge horn and is just impressive at the first sight. The driver explained how they were happy when they got him in the zoo cause they thought they would have a nice population of Rhinos from this guy. But, it proved to be a false hope. They would bring the females for mating and the Rhino would get excited but just wouldn't know what to do. There were some funny scenes, almost perverse, if there is such a thing in the animal world. The staff from the Zoo tried many different things. Almost anything from their wildest imagination, we were told, but nothing worked. The Rhino just wouldn't make it. So, they lost hope.

The Rhino now lives alone. Male Rhinos do not live with female Rhinos. They are also very territorial. So now another male Rhino can not be placed in the same lot of land with this huge young Rhino because they would clash immediately. And there's no doubt the young strang Rhino would emerge as a winner. If there were some females around, he'd fight just because it is in his genes. But once he wins a fight he is clueless as to what to do next. Now he lives alone. Looks awesomely impressive to the tourists riding in the safari bus. Yet the story has quite a sad note.

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