Saturday, 2 April 2011

Wilhelm Reich

Following through some texts about conspiracy theories (as fun as always), many extremely interesting facts and controversies emerge. While reason is of utmost importance when reading such materials, sometimes reason *is* the very thing that makes no sense.

The text on the New World Order pointed me to the book The Biggest Secret, which starts with a quote from Wilhelm Reich who died in American jail in 1957. This last bit, seemingly irrelevant, looked really interesting to me. This lead to reading about Wilhelm Reich on Wikipedia, uncovering a really interesting story about his life and research. Today his ideas seem quite ordinary but I am quite sure that in 30's, 40's, and later they were not very much so. Also, burning books by the FDA reminds me of some other cases in history when similar events occured, which does not paint a pretty picture of the FDA or any other federal agency, for that matter. Really interesting read.

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