Thursday, 14 April 2011

One of Those Days

This is one of those days... "Those"? Well, this is one of those days I wish to pack my suitcases and book a ticket to go home. Resign at work, close accounts, ship stuff and get excited about the time to see friends and family again, and do an awesome job I really like, spend weekends mountain biking and hiking, motorcycling to the seaside, or skiing in the mountains. Most of these things are nearly there. A few bits and pieces missing but coming into place. Or so I certainly hope. And I also hope it does not get too late before they materialize. But that's just experience teaching me not to be too optimistic.

Today is the day when I sent birthday greetings to a few friends. Got back in touch, see where they are, what they are doing. Some contacted me on their own after a while. One message is clear - not much is changing and it is not worth spending time waiting for something. Well, for some weird reason (call me lazy or indecisive), I'm still waiting for something that would be cool and different enough to be interesting and attractive. So, maybe I give it a couple more months and see if it materializes. 

Another striking fact is that it seems that there is more software development work going on in Bosnia than in Australia. Comparing the size of population and the markets even more, the difference is significant. I guess the outsourcing has really taken off in Eastern Europe and the standard of living in Bosnia on one hand, and the standard of education on another, makes it an attractive destination for outsourcing software development. The required skills in the job advertisements are all the latest trends and technologies which is a stark contrast to Australia. Here it is mostly old-school project management, and not too many new technologies as there are lots of old systems around that require modifications and maintenance.

This is probably the most important aspect of "coming home" story. The job ads have been steady in Bosnia for a number of years now. They persisted through the largest economic crisis in the past 30 years. This should be a good sign for the future. A light in the distance. Not too far away, I guess...

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