Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Solutions Architect

On Monday I accepted a position of Solutions Architect. Now I’m getting into a position whose description ideally describes the items I always wanted to do. Most of those things I actually did ever since I started to write programs. It’s just somehow that the architecture part, organization, project management, analysis and design, and similar things were always pushed aside when working in real-life projects. Most people I know did not pay too much attention to these things. So I’m glad that, at this age, software architecture is getting more and more popular and accepted as a discipline.

This is still a relatively new role, with yet not-fully-defined scope and tasks. In that regard, there is an open, unexplored, space in front of me and I feel excited. This is probably where I always wanted to be – no direct management of many people, yet close coordination with lots of parties at different levels (from managerial to very technical); no specific technology limitations, everything is open for consideration and I’m actually encouraged to do research and development with any possible technology out there, keep pace with the technology developments, research and adopt best industry practices, and so on. I could go on and on. But, enough said. Let’s see how it actually goes in practice, starting mid-January.

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