Sunday, 3 May 2009

Cars and Motorcycles

After all this time spent in Melbourne, I’m starting to miss cars and motorcycles. To be more precise, I’m missing driving and riding. I’m missing travelling and seeing different areas, landscapes, and environments. So I’m starting to look at what would be models to satisfy my needs in the future. I’m also developing this idea of how it would be nice to have something to rely on rather than having to abandon everything when I have to move. In the future I’d prefer to be based in one continent so that it would be relatively easy to move all the little things we need around. It is a bit difficult now because whatever I need, I think of the future and the moment I have to get rid of it. I borrowed an electric heater and a lamp. That way I can give it back. Otherwise I’d have to throw it away. Usually, when you have something to give away, nobody needs it. :)

So, as far as cars and motorcycles go, I spent some time looking at car models. The range I’m looking at is, with Toyota for example, between Corolla and Yaris. Well, the new Yaris is the old Corolla, in fact. The new Corolla is just a bit big. Fiat has Bravo, which is in the same range. Other manufacturers have something in the same range, as well. The price range for these models is around 20-30 thousand Dollars. To narrow it down, it is up to $25,000. That’s not too bad. The motorcycle remains unknown. The search is open and I’m to look into it in the future. With these prices, I’d expect even better deal with used cars. So I’m looking forward to that period when I’ll have to make a decision. For now, I need to set some savings goals and start working towards those goals. And, before that, it would be useful to narrow down the model search and the price range.

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