Sunday, 8 May 2011

Internet - the magic mirror

Who, at some point, did not want to have a magic mirror from Alice in Wonderland? A mirror where one would ask a question - any question - and receive answers immediately. Come to think about it, today's Internet is just such a thing. Especially since Google replaced their Map & Reduce implementation with whatever new technology that indexes the pages in real time and spits out search results instantaneously. Just typing a question in Chrome browser will often give you results straight away.

Today's Internet, and all the technologies related to it, are in implementation of my childhood's dream of having an endless encyclopedia that has answers to all the questions. And, in practical terms, is something I wast most my time on. :) 

Thanks Google for making this happen. I really appreciate things like Earth (wish I had this when I was a kid. Wait, I still am one. OK, then), public data charts (like population chart or GDP chart), Maps, SkyMap, Android, and Gmail. Providing these technologies for free really has changed the world.

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