Monday, 3 August 2009

Creating a Will in Australia

I'm looking how to create a will. It seems to be relatively simple process for simple cases like mine. In brief

A Valid Will is one that is able to be put
into effect and will be accepted by a court of law. To be Valid The
Willmaker/Testator must be mentally competent and,your Will must be

1. In writing,

2. Signed at the bottom by the testator (you) and

3. Witnessed by at least two people. The testator and the witnesses must all be present when the will is signed.
At the link below, you can create a will online:
Create Free Online Will - AAMI Insurance Australia
Superannuation, while may be subject to the will, may not necessarily be so. Usually, a superannuation fund will have a form you need to submit to make a death benefit nomination. The details for VicSuper are here.

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  1. The link to the AAMI Online will creation page is no longer working.