Thursday, 18 June 2009

Freelance Web 2.0 Development

I have found myself an extremely interesting task to do in my spare time. I am doing a demo site with jQuery and latest functionality available for web development. The demo functionality involves creation of a card/poster that contains graphics (image) and text. It has to be user-editable on the client side. Full functionality includes ability to rotate the picture, zoom in and out, pan. Text can be edited and formatted with the formatting toolbar. Boxes that contain the image and text can be moved and resized on the canvas (card), within its dimensions.

Once the design is finished, the contents are stored on the server and later can be retrieved. The finished card can be converted to an image. This allows resizing into a thumbnail. The card can be rendered into PDF, as well, in the desired size.

This is extremely interesting to solve as the current web technologies are mature enough for such a functionality. Amazingly enough, there is not much server-side functionality. All these functions could be simulated on the server but the beauty is that they can now be created on the client side. Of course, storing and retrieving data, and converting to image or PDF is still done on the server side. It is a challenge to tie all these pieces together into a functional whole. I have spent some time in the previous week researching the functionality, focusing only on jQuery and its plugins. It seems that all of the above listed functionality is there and I just need to put it all together. The hardest challenge of all is to find the time to all this. But the satisfaction is guaranteed. I feel the enthusiasm of my early development days. :)

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