Monday, 16 March 2009

Avalon Air Show

Australian International Avalon Air Show is the name of the exhibition and the flying programme held at Avalon airport close to Melbourne. The airport is soon to become a second international airport for Melbourne.

I spent the whole Sunday at the show. The weather was crazy. Apart from snow, I'm sure we've seen it all - Sun, wind, rain, showers, clouds. It was hot and it was cold. Excellent. The exhibition was very good. A tent with different companies offering products and services for the air industry. Did not spend a lot of time in the tents (except when it was raining :) because the air show was on the whole day.

Fighters F-16, F-18 and F/A-18, F-15, bombers B-2, F-111, 2nd World War airplanes, one Yugoslavian Air Force airplane (Galeb G2), civilian airplanes, transport military airplanes, helicopters, recreational airplanes and gliders. Everything was on display. What a pity that P-51 Mustang broke down during take off and we didn't get to see its flying characteristics. It was an amazing sight just to see it preparing for the take-off on the runway.

The breaks during the program were filled with an entertainment show including acrobatic airplanes and jet engine-powered truck.

Photos available here: 2009-03-15 Avalon Air Show

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