Friday, 16 January 2009

JustMobile, Details

JustMobile is the mobile phone service provider I chose as my main (and only) service provider in Australia.
The fact that I can talk to people worldwide, including back home in Europe, for the price of the local call beats all other deals for me. The only difference to an ordinary call being that sometimes it may take a couple of seconds longer to connect.

Terms and Conditions for the prepaid plans (39 and Cap). For details on credit expiry, rates, and prices check Appendix 2. It lists all the details about the plan.

To recharge online, go either to JustMobile recharge page, or use a provider like Mobux. Recharge vouchers are available in mostly any store selling the prepaid vouchers. I found them anywhere I happened to ask.
Providers like Mobux may offer a certain discount for earned points and also can add points to other referral programs, like RewardsCentral.

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